Preparing for Camp

Getting ready for camp is all part of the fun! Below is our list of must-have items and our list of do-not-bring items. Depending on the camp, it may be necessary to supplement additional items depending on weather forecast and planned activities. For more information on your camp’s specific packing recommendations, refer to your camp schedule. See specific schedule for clothing for evening activities.
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Twin fitted sheet
  • Pillow
  • (4)Shorts
  • (4)Long pants-jeans or sweat pants
  • (4)Short sleeve shirts
  • (4)Long sleeve shirts
  • (2)Pajamas
  • (8-10)Undergarments
  • (8)Socks
  • Tennis shoes (a must to go horseback riding)
  • Water shoes/beach shoes/flip flops/crocs
  • (3)Sweatshirt/light jacket/fleece wear
  • Rain Jacket /No ponchos
  • Swim Suit- no bikinis
  • Toothpaste/Toothbrush
  • Comb/brush
  • Washcloth/towel
  • Feminine products

  • Candy, gum or pop
  • CD/Tape players
  • Handheld games
  • Money
  • Jewelry/valuables
  • Cell phones (unless noted for a specific reason)
  • Electronic devices (unless noted for a specific reason)
Please LABEL EVERYTHING (clothes, shoes, bath items, bedding, medications, personal items). If you have questions or concerns regarding specific items, please contact us here.