Camp Info

The Down Syndrome Foundation offers a summer camp experience for individuals with Down syndrome ages 10-21 called the Down Syndrome Camp.

The Down Syndrome Summer Camp is held at the wonderful Camp Knutson, an ACA accredited camp on the White Fish chain of lakes. Camp Knutson, owned by Lutheran Social Services, is non-denominational and its sole intent has always been to focus on providing summer camp experiences for people with medical and special needs. For more about Camp Knutson, go to

Next summer's Down Syndrome Camp will be held from June 14-18, 2015 at Camp Knutson. Youth have a great five day, four night experience guided by wonderful staff who are there to see that they are in a safe environment while taking part in exciting camp activities! 

The Down Syndrome Camp was created and is directed by governing committees of parents and educators concerned with providing exceptional experiences for young people with Down syndrome. The Down Syndrome Foundation has supported the Down Syndrome Camp from the beginning with scholarships, underwriting basic costs, materials, equipment, camper supplies and stipends for staff.

The Mission of the camps is to provide a
safe and welcoming environment
educationally sound activities that encourage independence, socialization, cooperation and personal rewards
opportunities for increased physical fitness and health benefits
experiences commonly shared by the larger community

Packing List for Camp!
If you have someone going to camp this summer, here is a list of items to bring:

sleeping bag
twin fitted sheet
long pants/jeans or sweat pants
long sleeve shirts
tennis shoes (a must to go horseback riding)
water shoes/beach shoes
sweatshirt/light jacket/fleece wear
rain gear/poncho
swim suit (no bikinis)
towel/washcloth/beach towel
feminine products
water bottle
large black bag for dirty clothes

Do not bring: candy, gum or pop, iPods, iPhones, iPads, mp3 players etc, hand held games, money, jewelry,valuables

Packing Tip #1: (Thank you to the parents who thought up this one!)

To keep clothes organized, some campers have come with complete outfits put into a zip lock or see through plastic bag for each day at camp.

Packing Tip #2: Including a flashlight is not required, but campers often like to have one with them. Campers also may bring a disposable camera.